Core Lesson Serials

These are serials on things that I would consider pretty basic to musicality. How do you play a song? A scale? How do you count a 7/8 meter? How do you sing with good projection? There are also special lesson serials which have more of a creative bent and a more innovative approach to the normal stuff…check those out as well!

The Infinite Grid – Lead Guitar/Scales/Chords/Harmony/Melody Lessons

The Songwriter’s Grooves Project – How to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time in As Many Ways As Possible

Impulse Geometry – Lessons in Rhythm

Street Religion – Lessons in Lyrics + Freestyle Rapping

Vocal Technique Lessons – Voice Placement, Breathing, Solfegge, Singing Harmony, etc.

Man/Machine – Lessons in Recording, Music Technology, etc.

The Shape of the Ocean – Lessons in Fingerstyle Guitar Improvisation