The 20 Hour Ukulele Challenge

The 20 Hour Ukulele Challenge Series Playlist

Welcome to the Ukuversity!

“The 20 Hour Ukulele Challenge” is designed to help people who have never played an instrument before get started!

The challenge is to practice the ukulele for 20 hours, and be able to play the most popular groovy ukulele songs by the time they are done.

If you are a person who believe that even 1 MILLION YEARS of practice are enough to make you good enough to rip the uke, feel free to email me and I can help you find adaptations or spot check your practice methods. some people do face special challenges and this course is specially designed to be adaptable to those who need help while also challenging those who need it!

Many Paths – One Challenge

The song lessons from the challenge are totally free. I teach most of the essential techniques within the song lessons, so you are free to keep track of your time and solo hike the challenge! If you want to support my creative work, you can buy an intensive package at a cost that’s affordable to you and get these extra perks!

  • Access to the warm-up and technique lessons
  • Feedback on your practice technique
  • Private coaching
  • Guidebook that includes
    • Charts to track your progress
    • Tips to improve the quality of your practice
    • Training programs to help you crush the challenge fast!
    • Chord Charts and Tabs for Reference
  • Recording your capstone project so you can show your progress to the world (or maybe just one person)

Look at the Ukulele Intensive Packages Here

The Song Lessons

Primer Song – Lime in the Coconut – Harry Nilsson

Part 1 – Intro Songs

Part 2 Hawaiian Style

Part 3 Ballad Style

Part 4 Groovy Songs

Part 5 – Nine Chords and a Cloud of Dust…

For Those Who Pass The Challenge…

Or really for anyone who is ready to just make music, I like to record and/or post videos of my students playing solo or collaborating over the web (which I like to call co-web-orations). I also have some advanced lessons and tips on how to get the most out of your ukulele skills for those who bought intensive packages.

The Songwriter’s Grooves Project – How to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time in As Many Ways As Possible