Someone to Lava Ukulele Lesson

A fun song from the animated short that precedes the Disney film Moana, this song is a heart-stealer! It’s the first song I teach in what I call “Hawaiian Style” where you can strum just with the pad of your index finger to get a softer sound, and you use a steady up-down pendulum pattern with a backbeat emphasis to make it groovy. Sound like uku-jargon? Watch then lesson and I think you will understand!

Strumming Pattern:
1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &  5  &  6  &  7  &  8  &  
d  u  D  u  d  u  D  u  d  u  D  u  d  u  D  u  

Generally, every chord in this song gets two patterns, except on the end of
the verse cycle you give one pattern to each chord. Just like this…

C                       G7
1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &  5  &  6  &  7  &  8  & 
d  u  D  u  d  u  D  u  d  u  D  u  d  u  D  u 
||: C       G7       F       C  G7 :||
||: F       C        G7      C     :|| 

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