Hey there, friends and strangers,

My name is Jon Michael Swift. I’m a musician first and foremost, though I wear a lot of hats. I’m a teacher, a community art therapist, entrepreneur and an open creative spirit.  If you want to know a little more about me…that’s what the About page is for.

I’m probably best known for being a music teacher on YouTube and Facebook. You can also look into taking private lessons with me if you like. That gives you an idea of what I’m known for, but my real creative aspirations are more than that.

The one question I spend the most time thinking about is:

“How does art affect people?”

Everything I do pivots around finding answers to this — and in finding new and different ways to ask the same question. From interviewing people and writing songs about them, reading about the neuroscience of dance, and creating lessons about how to practice music ‘more musically,’ I pursue anything that gives me a deeper understanding of the ways that art can be used to change the world.

I invite you to take a quick tour of the site for more free resources. There are some links in the menus that you might find useful, and you can subscribe to this site for free news/events/updates. Patreon is a way that people support my work and get can some perks for donating to my cause, and I usually add a few videos to YouTube and Facebook every week so keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, I encourage you to contact me if you’re interested in private lessons or professional collaboration – you can either fill out the contact form or just e-mail me directly. I work with students and collaborators from all over the country via Skype, and it works very well!

That’s it – hope you find some useful resources on JonMichaelSwift.com!




Jon Michael Swift:

  1. Lives, works and performs in central Pennsylvania
  2. Has recently begun dancing ballroom (Latin and Swing fusion)
  3. Plays a lot of instruments and can sing in a lot of languages (though definitely can’t speak all those languages)
  4. Really likes extremely nerdy hobbies like ‘conlanging’ and collecting oversized tea mugs