Gettin’ that Facebook Money

I heard from psychologist Kelly McGonigal that you want to avoid telling people about your goals because it’s demotivating. I can agree with that and I’m trying to apply that in practice this year…but that doesn’t say you can’t brag about past accomplishments ;-p

Facebook contacted me in November and invited me to a creator program that had a pretty substantial cash bonus and free promotion associated with it. They’re obviously trying to bring YouTube down, and I didn’t feel empowered to do much except take the money and benefit from the clash of these two titans. I don’t personally like any company that’s bigger than 80 people, and while I have had to endure some querulous looks from friends (and myself) for accepting that Facebook money, it’s going to allow me to put some epic things out there.

I’m finally revisiting all my web content (after probably a year and a half of neglect) and aiming to offer some level-ed up things this year. Stay in touch and comment/message me if you have requests or ideas and I’ll try to be open to them, but thanks for everyone who supported me up to this point. They must have picked me because I did something right, and that shows because so many people talked to me, talked about me, liked, subscribed, supported, commented…all that jazz. Thanks. I would be nothing without you all!


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