There is one primary question that drives me in life:

How does the structure of art affect people?

I’ve got a lot of projects going, and my story has a lot of facets to it, but the simple version is that I like to practice my craft as a musician and a creator of different media, and then use those skills to solve problems (mostly of a social nature) to make the world a better place.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of my areas of interest.

I run a growing YouTube channel where I explore guitar technique, music theory, songwriting, improvisation and different approaches to learning.  Some of my most popular serials include the Pluck and Chuck, Landslide, and Blues Raga series. I also teaches private lessons both in my home studio and online via Skype with students from virtually every continent (except Antarctica. You get an achievement point for being my first student from Antarctica).

A project that’s still baking in the oven is called “The Listener Effect,” which started as the idea of interviewing people and writing songs about them. This is both an exploration of songwriting technique and music therapy. My vision for this project is to help people use the arts intentionally to make positive changes in the world.

I’ve experimented with dozens of other approaches to creating, learning and performing, which are represented by various odd creations that are floating out there. I’ve been working on a 10,000 hour song improvisation project since 2010, I’ve piloted a show on accelerated learning, and I’ve built a number of collaborative projects aimed at studying how people learn.

That should give you some idea of how I work; I’m a little scattered at times, but definitely focused on music and its effects on human beings. I’m an advocate for the arts, I’m an activist and a pacifist in the same  sentence, and I try to dream big with my feet on the ground. If you have thoughts and wish to communicate, contact me.