Moses – The Music Lesson Library

Since I started my 10,000 hour project in 2012, I have been recording lessons on what I have learned in order to leave a clear path that others can follow towards my goal of improvising songs. This library is split up into projects which are always under development and adding content, so feel free to explore!

The Songwriter’s Grooves Project – How to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time in As Many Ways As Possible

The Infinite Grid – Lessons in Melody and Harmony (and Lead Guitar, Scales and Chords)

Impulse Geometry – Lessons on Rhythm

Street Religion – Lessons on Lyrics and Freestyle Rapping

Vocal Technique Lessons – Voice Placement, Breathing, Solfegge, Singing Harmony, etc.

Man/Machine – Lessons on Recording, Music Technology, etc.

The Shape of the Ocean – Lessons on Fingerstyle Guitar Improvisation

Elevator Etudes – A Guide to Practicing Musically

Invasive Species – Lessons on Musical Styles and Genre Bending

The Ceramic Tile – Lessons on Practicing and the Creative Lifestyle

A few notes about how I teach.

Practicing Musically – I’m a huge fan of exercises, but I don’t usually do them much unless I can turn them into a musical exploration. I try to relate exercises to performable music as quickly as possible.

Collaborative Learning – Learning with others is more fun and more insightful, and teachers do better when they let their students generate their own insights and share with the community. If you have comments or ideas, comment on the lesson page or email me!

Project Based – I think people learn better when they are working in a system that is organized, with clear goals that they can attain in the lifespace they are in. I organize my teaching in holistic projects and I encourage people to learn in project-based systems that relate to a curriculum-based scope-and-sequence model.

A friend suggested I call this project ‘Moses.’ If anybody else comes up with a better name, let me know!