Special Lesson Serials

These are serials that I invented to put a unique spin on teaching some concept that I use in music. They usually stem from fusing my weird influences which include European Classical (J.S. Bach, Arnold Schoenberg, etc.), Indian Classical (Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan), Hip Hop (Nas, Pharoah Monch), and White Guys w/ Guitars (John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Tommy Emmanuel). Enjoy!

The Blues Raga Guitar Series – Western Music Through Eastern Eyes

I discovered at some point that I could play the blues using raga theory without having ever studied a Stevie Ray Vaughn solo. How could this be? This series is about how to use a different take on the Blues to expand your understanding and depth of improvisation. Can you play one song for an hour and keep it good the whole time?

Elevator Etudes – Lessons in how to practice musically

How to Practice Music – A breakdown of practice techniques with guidance for practical application.

Invasive Species – Studies in Style, Fusion and Genre Bending – Coming Someday

The Ceramic Tile – Lessons in Musical Lifestyle, Practice and Self-Discipline – Also coming some day