The Blues Raga Guitar Series

This is a series that was born from the idea that you can treat the Blues like an Indian Raga with good effect. I’ve found this to be true over time as my knowledge of Blues and the Ragas deepens.

A very important sub-series of this is the 100 Hour Pentatonic Challenge, where I give the road map to learning to solo soulfully over Blues chord changes (given no previous experience) in about 100 hours of focused practice!

In this series I cover:

  • The DNA Phrases that make up Blues language
  • The relationship to Ragas and their structure
  • Special guitar exercises for mastering the scales used in Blues

There are 34 videos in this series right now. You can watch them all right here by clicking on the playlist button in the upper left corner of this embedded video to see the full series!

In later additions to the series I hope to cover more, but that’s a lot of what’s there now!

The Infinite Grid – Lessons in Melody and Harmony