The Landslide Guitar Series

The Landslide Guitar Series: where I take the famous Fleetwood Mac song and explore every dark corner of its history for ideas to expand my Travis Picking technique. Then I give away all the secrets. Aren’t I a nice guy?

By the way, links to the tabs are here…

Simplified Version

Variations and the solo

Album Version Transcription for two guitars


Basic fingerpicking lesson


Pattern Variations

Chorus/Melodic variations

The Solo


Basic Displacement Scale  – Picking Hand Exercise | Tab Link

Intro to Hybrid Scale Positions – Fretting Hand Exercise

Travis Picking Scales Exercise

Picking Rudiments – The 16th String Crossing Exercise

Hammers, Pull-Offs and Bends

Bass and Melody Crossing Techniques

Extended Hybrid Positions

Hybrid Position Shifts

Improvisation Exercises

Hopefully I’ll eventually do a cover (yeah…it’s gonna be epic)