I Will Follow You Into the Dark Guitar Lesson

This song could easily be strummed into existence…but what fun would that be? Exactly zero fun. We’re are going to spiftastify this song with a quarter note pluck and chuck groove. It is uncanny how similar this groove is to the ‘Mario Kart Love Song’ groove, so you can definitely share material between these two songs. The major difference is that Ben plays this song with a sort of alternating bass pattern that he probably bummed out of a bluegrass. This bass pattern can make the song significantly more tricky and doesn’t add an enormous amount to the groove, but classy guitarists will definitely want to learn it…because it is notable classy. Just be OK with playing this song however you learn it best, because there is more than one right way to do it. The tabs I offer are basically to-the-record transcriptions of what Ben does so that you can get all the core ideas.

This was the first pluck and chuck song I can remember learning. It was back when I was immersed in the hipster culture of college and everyone wanted a cool guitar song to impress their friends with. This song was a perfect combination of classy and romantic, and lots of my early students learned it from me. I remember the days of late night house parties with fondness, but I also remember them as the days that inspired me to start the pluck and chuck series, and this is the place it all began.

Full Transcription

Simplified Tab

Simplified Tab that uses open chords/no capo

Pluck and Chuck Guitar Series