Mario Kart Love Song Guitar Lesson

This song is a fabulous combination of easy and nerdy. All Bronies want this to be played at their wedding…

This is the first of three songs I’m putting out which I would classify as “easy 1/4 note groove songs.” That means they have a 1/4 note thumb pattern, which you should read about here if you haven’t yet. This song is the beginning of fully integrating the most basic strokes in this style; we will have plucks, chucks and thumb slaps all under the same roof. Relax, it’s very possible to jump in on this with no previous pluck and chuck experience and get it. I’ve had plenty of students do it before.

The 1/4 note groove in this song is broken. The second thumb stroke is taken out of the pulse, which gives the groove a little more of an ambient feeling. It doesn’t sound quite as folksy or rhythmic as any of the other tunes in the series, but it still moves along at a good clip tempo-wise. This is a very handy groove to have on hand, so I hope you dig learning it!

Simplified Tab

Full Transcription

Pluck and Chuck Guitar Series