Lime in the Coconut Ukulele Lesson

If you ever had any doubts that you could play a song, this is the song to start with! It has only one chord and can be adapted several ways to make a smooth building process for learning the basics of the ukulele!

First, we will want to learn our C7 chord…

A - 1
E - 0
C - 0
G - 0

Then we sing the refrain of the song while playing the chord along with the right word which is…LIME!!!!

and you repeat that until you feel comfortable with it (try at least four times)

Last of all, if you want a challenge, you can try it with the life-saving pattern! Play the pattern twice for each line of words.

||:  1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & :|| 
||:  D S D U S U D U :||

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