Little Talks Ukulele Lesson

This very spunky song is done in two phases:

#1 – There is an easy riff for the verses with a twist to help you start to learn the G chord, and then…

#2 – We come back to it to play the oh-so-very-groovy chorus riff.

You can tackle them both anytime you want, though beginners may have an easier time doing the verse first and coming back to learn the chorus after dessert. You dig?

Also, don’t try to play the ukulele along with the record unless you tune up or use a capo…it probably won’t sound too great. The original recording is in Db, a half step higher than the key we are doing (C major). Unless you are a big fan of polytonality, I suggest not making this the Charles Ives cover of the “OMAM” hit.

Verses: brush each chord with a downstroke

1  2  3  4  | 1  2  3  4
Am    F     | C    (Em7)

For the groovy chorus riff, use this strumming pattern:

1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &
d     D     d  u  D  u

playing one pattern for each chord, the progression is

Am    F    C    G

Next Lesson:

after part 1 go to Stay With Me – Sam Smith

after part 2 go to I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

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