Sugar Ukulele Lesson

A wedding smash of it’s day, this is a super fun song to scream and a great song to practice our first groovy strumming pattern!

The lesson is split into an easy and a more advanced part. I would recommend beginners learn the easy one and then come back for the groovy one later when they have learned some other funky strum patterns!

Beginner Strumming Pattern:
1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &
D  D     D

Intermediate Strumming Pattern
1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &
D  U  X  U  x  x  X  x

One pattern for each chord

| C Am F C | C Am F C |

Watch out…you play C twice in a row because it’s at both the beginning
and the end of the cycle!

Next Song:

after part 1 go to I Gotta Feelin‘ – The Black Eyed Peas

if you learned the funky version, you can go to I Don’t Know My Name – Grace Van Der Waal

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