Ukulele Intensive Packages

If you want to support my creations or get some help in getting through your practice journey, you can purchase a Ukulele Intensive Package! My lo-fi store basically involves you sending a donation to my Paypal account for the amount of the package and leaving a note for which package you want. I will send you the rest by email!

If you really really want a package and can’t afford it, read my scholarships page. (The upshot – you get a lot of this free if you ask nicely!)

Everyone is invited to email me and let me know when you plan to do your intensive so I can cheer you on!

Self-Starter – $30

  • Special Intensive Ukulele Lesson Videos Playlist! Has primer lessons on strumming, holding the ukulele, tuning, my special warm-up Alphabet Exercise, and a lot of other essential basics to give you a head-start on your intensive!
  • Program book with practice tips and charts, course guide and essential tools like the Alphabet Ukulele Chord Chart, 911 Emergency Strum Pattern Guide, etc.
  • Email support: ask questions and get support with course material

Video Feedback – $100

  • Schedule the blocks when you are doing your intensive, and I will block some time so you can send me video messages with practice samples and questions and I will respond to give you feedback as you do the course
  • All the materials of the Self-Starter Package as well!

Practice Coaching – $500

  • 10 hours of private online lessons (or in-person if you are local!) to give you intensive support and guidance in your practice. Especially helpful for those who want some help learning how to practice an instrument for the first time. Also gives you some time on your own to integrate the practice skills you learn in the course!
  • Capstone Recording – I will help you make a recording at the end of your intensive to show what you learned to your friends and/or the world! It can be a solo recording or I can arranged some parts where I accompany you in the recording!
  • Everything offered in the lower packages

Intensive Coaching – $800

  • 20 hours of coaching – get private attention through the entirety of the course! Ideal for those who have busy work lives and can use the mental support of a private coach to motivate and support the practice process.
  • Capstone Recording – see description in the previous package
  • Everything offered in the lower packages!

I don’t actually like selling things or putting up paywalls. To a degree, I have learned that people support the arts more if there is a gentle reminder that an artist or teacher is working, and some people like to have a token in exchange for giving something to an artist or some motivation to stick with their program. That being said, at the end of the day my primary purpose is to enrich life and I always do what I can to make my teaching accessible to anyone who wants it! If you simply send me an email asking me for a scholarship for the Self-Starter program, no explanations are required. I will just send you the link to the videos with a smile! If you want coaching and can’t afford the rate, contact me about a work-study exchange!