The Thump and Pluck Bass/Guitar Series

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview of the Series
  2. Song Lessons (Grouped by Technique and Difficulty)
  3. Technique Lessons
Thump and Pluck Series

Overview of the Series

Bassist Larry Graham contends that the track featured the first instance of the “slap bass” technique, which would become a staple of funk and other genres. The technique involves striking a string with the thumb of the right hand (or left hand, for a left-handed player) so that the string collides with the frets, producing a metallic “clunk” at the beginning of the note. Later slap bass songs – for example, Graham’s performance on “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)” – expanded on the technique, incorporating a complementary “pull” or “pop” component.

Song Lessons

Each song has a video lesson, tabs, chord diagrams, and insightful tips (if I got around to finishing it). The songs go in order from easy to more difficult and are grouped by the techniques they use. There is also a planned sequence for learning different techniques, so the easiest way to master the technique is to follow the songs in order.

Song Covers Playlist

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Technique Lessons

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