The Isotonal Gravity Collider

This is both a guitar exercise and a science experiment 😆

It’s a way to develop an advanced awareness of chord-scale relationships, and also to develop your own ideas and voice with regards to melodic playing.

There are a few things you want to have down before you attempt this exercise.

  • You need a guitar, a looper or recording device that you can play back to yourself. They should be dialed in and sound good.
  • It helps if you already know how to solo over chord changes. If not, you’ll be learning scales, phrasing and chord-scale relationships as we go. It’s not impossible, but in addition to hearing a lot of new sounds with the scales and chords we will use, it’s a lot to take in and might not work too well for you.

Here is the guide and the tabs that I have create so far. This is a work in progress, so please email me with thoughts!


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