The Listener Effect (formerly known as The Question Box) is a project where I interview people and write songs about them. The goal is to write songs that create visible changes in peoples’ lives. Up to now I’ve worked on songs that are used for therapy, relationship building, political/civic awareness, cultural understanding, education, and celebrating the beauty of life!

This project has its own website, YouTube channel and Facebook page. It really is a world all on its own, so I encourage you to dive in if you are interested.

The next Listener Effect project slated for release is the Nittany Valley Water Coalition documentary, which aims to raise awareness about a political issue for town of State College, PA, USA. Filming is completed and the documentary is currently in post production. Feel free to watch the preview here to see what’s coming up!

The next two pieces that are in production are:

Alyssa’s Story: explores faith, childhood trauma, recovery, and how the concept of family builds people into their adult identities.

The Water Coalition’s Story – a story of activists protecting a local water supply from the threat of pollution by developers. This story is an exploration of environmentalism and how we build community in the global postmodern world.

There are also a number of songs that are always in the creation process. To hear the current demos, visit the Reverbnation page where they are hosted.

If you would like more information, work samples, or a consultation please contact me directly at or at 814-380-2550

Be well,